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Make Money Work For You

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I share ways to make, save and invest money. I have been gig worker and worked as a freelancer.  I currently make a part of my income from the gig economy. I invest in crypto and stocks.

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Crypto is Dead?

Crypto is crashing and everyone is worried. People who bought at high prices have lost money. Many people who played with Luna and UST...

8 ways to earn crypto for free

The crypto world offers ways for users to make money with no investment. You can add a crypto to your holdings at no cost. I’m going to...

6 Ways to make money in a Bear Market

As of June 2022, the value of crypto and stocks is dropping. Inflation is rising and everybody’s worried about a recession. Gas prices...

8 Tips for investing in Crypto

Cryptocurrency can be a great way to make money. Since anybody can start a crypto project, the majority are scams or money grabs....

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I started smartmoney with the goal of offering readers ways to make and save money. Finding side hustles and ways to invest can be a daunting task. I will share what has worked for me and my pitfalls. WAGMI!

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