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Make Money Work For You

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I share ways to make, save and invest money. I have been gig worker and worked as a freelancer.  I currently make a part of my income from the gig economy. I invest in crypto and stocks.

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Tips to improve your writing skills

English has become the global language. We are sometimes judged by our writing skills. Poor grammar and misplaced words are not...

5 Common Investing Mistakes

Recently a lot of people have started investing and trading stocks and crypto. Everyone is talking about their stocks and crypto and...

Crypto is Dead?

Crypto is crashing and everyone is worried. People who bought at high prices have lost money. Many people who played with Luna and UST...

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I started smartmoney with the goal of offering readers ways to make and save money. Finding side hustles and ways to invest can be a daunting task. I will share what has worked for me and my pitfalls. WAGMI!

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