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10 Ways to make money on the side

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

There are many side-hustles that can supplement your income. Some can even be profitable enough to become your main source of income. Here are a few ways to make money on the side.

Start a vending machine business

Vending machines can be an excellent way to make money. First, identify products that will be in demand at a certain location. For example, toy vending machines could be in demand at places like arcades, where kids frequent. Soft drinks, candy, chocolate bars, and chips will be in demand at most locations, except places like gyms or health-conscious businesses.

Next, find a good source for vending machines. You may find deals on classified sites for second-hand options. You may even find vending machine businesses for sale. If so, you'll be able to take over the whole operation.

Then contact suitable businesses and negotiate rent or commission for hosting. Research the going rates in your area, bargain, and get the best rate possible. Once your business is up and running, you’ll have to restock merchandise, collect funds and maintain accounts.

Testing Websites and Apps

Testing websites or apps can be something you do in your free time. There are many options to choose from such as Usertesting, Utest, Userinterviews, and Userbrain. The first step is passing a demo test. You’ll have to go through a prototype and share your feedback. You’ll have to be genuine, have a good mic, and speak clearly.

After passing the test you can test apps and websites before they are released to the public. Make sure to keep your profile updated so that you'll get pertinent tests. Companies want to see how users react to their product prior to release. Usertesting is by far the best in terms of pay and amount of tests available.

Research Studies and Focus Groups

Check Google, Reddit, and classified sites to find companies that are looking for participants in research studies or focus groups. r/focusgroups is a great way to connect with researchers and find active studies.

Sign up for research companies like Schlesinger Group and you’ll be contacted when your profile matches a study. These studies can occur in person or remotely. The studies are infrequent and pay well. You can expect to make $120 for a few hours of work.

Prolific is another option that usually has a lot of studies. You'll have to fast to get the high-paying studies so I would recommend adding the Prolific Extension to your browser to be notified.


Dscout is an app via which researchers can conduct research and find suitable participants. There is an interview process that involves answering questions and submitting a video. Answer the questions in detail and take the time to create a good video. If the researcher believes you’ll be a good fit, you’ll be added to the study and paid upon completion.

Monetize your Passion

Hobbies such as working out, hiking, art, content creation, and music creation can be monetized. The hobby is usually done for fun and may need to be fine-tuned to be able to be monetized. Take courses, watch videos and read articles about your hobby. Ask for feedback from professionals and find areas that need improvement. Improve your skills to the point that someone will pay for your services. This may take time, but it will pay off.

Content Creation/Affiliate Links

Content creation about a topic you are knowledgeable about can be a great source of passive income. Create quality content that provides value to users. Will you watch a low-quality youtube video? You’ll most likely skip it since there are so many great videos on Youtube. If you don’t have designing or editing skills, either learn or hire contractors from sites like Fivver.

You can link affiliate links from Amazon and other sites to your video or post. I would suggest being honest and not focusing on just marketing your affiliate links or being sponsored. You should be willing to purchase what you are marketing. A good reputation is essential to being a content creator.

You can create videos, become active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or create a blog. It is a tough market to break into since there is a lot of competition, but there will always be a market for quality content.

Delivery Business

There is a lot of demand for delivery services. Companies like FedEx and UPS hire contractors to complete routes. Flower companies or any company that require delivery may require delivery services. You can purchase a cargo van to complete larger sized deliveries. A smaller fuel-efficient car will be suitable for Flower delivery or smaller sized deliveries.

You can find these gigs by contacting companies and seeing if they require delivery services. You must take into account fuel costs and see if it is worthwhile. You’ll also have to consider the cost of work insurance and vehicle repairs.

Gig Apps

There are many gig apps nowadays that bridge the gap between contractors and people needing a service, product, or work done. These may not require skills and could only involve labor and equipment. You can

These apps and websites may not be available in your locale so find what is available in your area.

These jobs can be risky since they usually involve physical labor. You should consider getting work insurance because if you get hurt on the job you’ll need it. Furthermore, these companies usually employ you as an independent contractor and take a share of what you make. You may held liable for damages that occur to the customer's property on the job.

Teach English

Thanks to the internet, we can chat with anyone in the world. This has allowed the language learning industry to thrive online. Some language learning sites require that you have a bachelor's degree and have an application process that usually involves a Skype interview. These sites pay well.

Other agencies like Cambly and Italki do not require a bachelor's degree. You’ll still have to apply by submitting an introduction video. You check which language Italki is hiring currently here. They open slots periodically. To become a Professional Teacher on italki, you'll need qualifications but you don't need them to become a Community Tutor.

These sites usually have lesson plans you can follow. You’ll either be teaching kids or adults. The pay varies with the site and on some sites, you can set your own rate. This can be an excellent way to make money in your spare time. This is a competitive space so you may not get work all the time and it may take time to build positive reviews and clientele.

Donate Blood

Donating blood can be uncomfortable but depending on your location you can get paid well for a donation. Try to eat iron-rich foods like beef before donating. I listen to music and try not to focus on the fact that blood is being drained from my body. Drink a lot of water after you donate. You can feel tired after you donate. There will be limits to how many times you can donate each month. Donating blood may not be for you since it can be uncomfortable.

I will break down these sub-topics in detail in later posts. As inflation rises, it chips away at our savings and assets. Adding secondary sources of income may be the best way to curb inflation. Always prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being over work and only take on what you can handle.

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