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5 Ways to save money when buying from Fast-Food chains

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Food prices are rising with rising inflation. Fast-food chains are being forced to raise prices due to rising costs. Customers have to bear the brunt of this increase. Cooking at homes is at most times the healthier and cheaper alternative to buying food from fast-food chains. However, many times we are forced to buy food or drinks from fast food chains when we travel or are outside for work.

Here are some ways you can save money on your fast food purchases.

Tip 1 - Download the Brand's App

Accessing the brand's app offers points and exclusive offers. Download the apps for fast food chains from the google play store and apple sotre onto your phone. Here are a few fast-food chain apps: Dairy Queen, Dominoes, Mcdonalds, Wendys, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Burger King. Most smartphones have enough storage to fit these apps. If not but a SD card from a store or a site like Amazon.

Tip 2 - Check Apps for offers prior to ordering

Many times you'll find great deals in the offers sections of these apps. These fast-food chains update their offers and each offer has a discount for the customer. I find that McDonalds usually has the best offers. I check other apps regulary to see if any good offers pop up. These saving add up, Imagine buying drinks or eating out a few times a month, which add up to let's say 50-100 times a year. If you were able to save a few dollars on each purchase, you could have saved a few hundred dollars.

Tip 3 - Collect points on each purchase

Participate in the points program offered by each fast-food chain. I find the best way to do this is by ordering using the app. The other option is scanning the app or a points card at the till. The points or rewards add up and so will your savings when you get free stuff!

Tip 4 - Check secondary sites or apps to find great deals

You'll find promo codes, coupons and other news about fast food deals on sites like Redflagdeals and apps like Foupon. I regularly check the forum section on Redflagdeals to find some great deals. Foupon regularly updates valuable coupons.

Delivery apps like UberEats, Skipthedishes and Doordash sometimes offer deals for restaurants. I don't find the deals on delivery to be worthwhile since the delivery costs and tips, usually outweigh the discount. You can find some great deals on pick-up orders. I have found the best deals on Ubereats.

Too Good to Go connects customers to restaurants and allows restaurants and stores to sell food they were unable to sell during operating hours at a discounted price. This app helps prevent food waste and allows consumers to get food at a cheaper rate. You'll find bakeries, You'll find grocery stores and restaurants on this app. Business ratings and comments are displayed on the Too Good to Go app, which shows what users thought of the quality and quantity of food received. You can also rate restaurants on the App.

Tip 5 - Buy less at Fast Food Chains

Do you really need extra-large fries, extra-large pop and the 1/2 lb. Cheese Burger? Wouldn't the burger be enough for a meal? Furthermore, not overeating may be healthier.

Fast food companies have engineered their food to keep customers coming back and haven't taken customers' health into consideration. If eating fast food has become an addiction and it would be a good idea to seek help from a medical professional.

In conclusion, eat fast food in moderation or not at all and use these money-saving tips to fatten your wallet. I mainly purchase coffee from fast-food chains.

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