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7 Ways to be successful as a tester on pays contractors to test websites, apps , protocols and participate in research studies. You make $10 US per test that usually lasts 10-20 minutes. Furthermore, live tests that involve a live conversation pay anywhere from $30-$90.

Companies gain valuable feedback from potential users and testers get paid for their time. Each test and conversation usually have screeners that ask questions to find candidates that meet a certain profile. Here are a few ways to become a successful tester on Usertesting.

Tip 1 – Pass the initial Screening test

All potential testers must pass a screening test to be eligible to work on the platform. Relax and take a deep breath prior to testing. Use a good microphone or headset with a microphone and speak clearly and audibly.

The test will have steps that guide you through testing a website. Read each step out loud and follow the instructions. Continue speaking out loud throughout the test. Share your thoughts and inputs about what you see. Read the text on the website and try not to stop talking. Be yourself and be confident.

It may take some time to get the results of the test.

Tip 2 – Turn on notifications for Usertesting on the Web Browser

Once you have passed the test you can begin testing. Good tests and live conversations go like hot cakes so turn on notifications and keep Usertesting open to maximize your earnings.

Tip 3- Maintain a high rating

Testers with higher ratings are shown more screeners. Initially, it is important to build up a good rating so that you are shown more screeners.

Any rating two stars or below is reviewed by Usertesting to see if it is actually warranted. If it is unwarranted, the negative rating will be removed from your profile.

Perform well on tests to get a higher rating. There is no need to rush to finish the test since the pay is decent. If you are struggling with a test, you can quit it at any time. It is better to quit than to get a negative rating that will affect the number of tests you get in the future. If you see an error in a prototype that prevents you from testing, report it.

Tip 4 – Do not Lie on Screeners

You may be tempted to lie on screeners to get more tests, but this in turn could lead to negative consequences. You may find that you have to lie your way through the test. The company running the test may catch on and give you a 1-star rating.

Tip 5- Download the Usertesting app on your phone and tablet

Some tests are only available on phones and tablets. Download the Usertesting app on all your platforms to get more tests.

Tip 6 – Testing Tips

Most tests do not require you to show your face. You only have to show your face on live conversations if it was stated in the screeners. I've kept video off on the live conversations, I’ve been a part of.

Do not miss live conversations. It is easy to forget a test that is scheduled a week or two away. Usertesting will send reminders to your email but add the date and time to Google Calendar as well.

Follow the steps and read them out so that you don’t lose track. Be honest and be yourself. Share your honest feedback. That is what companies want. If you run out of things to say, read the text on the website to get ideas. Speak clearly. Have a good microphone and test it prior to testing.

Tip 7 - Go over the lessons in the Help center

The help center has many lessons that teach testers how to test on different devices, There are lessons with instructions on how to participate in mobile and computer live conversations, prototype tests, card sort, tree tests, and first click tests. There is also a lesson on how to maintain your privacy. This is a great resource to learn and develop your skills as a tester.

In conclusion. I find that Usertesting is a great company to work for. They pay testers well and the support is good. The downsides are that sometimes there are no suitable tests, companies can unnecessarily give bad reviews and the website and app could have better functionality and fewer errors.

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