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8 ways to earn crypto for free

The crypto world offers ways for users to make money with no investment. You can add a crypto to your holdings at no cost. I’m going to share a few ways that users can earn crypto for free. I will go over airdrops in later posts. To qualify for airdrops, users usually have to use platforms and spend money. I will cover incentivized Testnets in detail as well in later posts.

Nodle Cash App

Nodle is a crowdsourced decentralized IoT network. Nodle has received grants, seed funding and participated in a Parachain auction. You can download the Nodle app on your android or apple devices and run it in the background to earn Nodl. Nodl is currently not tradeable but will be soon.

You earn Nodle when your device collects data from IoT devices and sensors using Bluetooth Low Energy. If you are in a crowded area with many other Nodle devices in the vicinity, you will earn more.

There are three modes to choose from Eco, Expert and Ludicrous in the setting section of the app. Eco is the most resource-friendly, but you'll earn the least amount of NODL. Expert mode, which forces Nodle to run in the foreground is resource-heavy, and rewards are higher than Eco. Ludicrous mode is the most resource-heavy and has the highest frequency of scans for other devices so it will reward the most Nodl. You don't need data to use the Nodle app but your will device will need to connect to Wifi periodically to share data.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn offers courses that pay users crypto; Watch the videos, complete the quizzes and earn crypto. Each course pays a few dollars worth of different cryptos upon completion. The quizzes and lessons are not hard and can be done with ease. Here's a referral link to join Coinbase.

Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is a fitness-based cryptocurrency that rewards daily steps with $Sweat. You can use Sweat to buy, donate to charity, or trade for another coin when Sweat becomes available to trade later this year. Here is a referral link via which you can join Sweatcoin.

You can subscribe for the premium subscription for $42.99 per year to get unlimited 2x Sweat earing, access to the premium marketplace and auctions, and double your donations. You can join the Sweatcoin Discord or telegram to connect with other users and the team.

r/CryptoCurrency Subreddit

Comment and post in the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit to earn moons. Write engaging posts and comments to get more upvotes. You can even post relevant crypto news in this subreddit and earn moons. The moons are distributed at the end of the month. There are other fun prediction contests. Make sure to vote on governance polls as well to earn more moons. You will see how many moons you have next to the moon icon beside your username. You can use Celesti to buy and sell moons.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a web browser similar to Google Chrome. Brave blocks ads, incognito windows, private search and VPN. You can easily import your saved data and start using Brave.

Google Chrome tracks your data and shows you ads based on your profile. Google profits from sharing your private data and does not give anything back to you. Brave rewards users in BAT for viewing ads.

Download the Brave browser, go to the setting tab, then to the Brave Rewards category, and turn on Brave Private ads if you want to earn from viewing ads. You claim BAT every month. You can be tipped BAT for content or comments and also tip others BAT.

Exchanges and Shopping Cash Back

Many crypto exchanges offer bonuses for deposits and sign-ups. The amounts and requirements vary. Sign up for an account, and complete the required steps to qualify for the bonus. You may have to complete a KYC on the exchange to withdraw funds.xage Here are referral links to exchanges OKX, Binance, Kucoin, Mexc, Whitebit, Coinbase, BitMart and BitFinex.

Shakepay is a Canadian crypto exchange. You download the Shakepay app on your phone. You can shake your phone once a day and get 100sats each time. You'll get bonuses for shaking streaks. This promotion only applies to Canadians.

The Fold and StormX app gives you cash back on your shopping rewards. Fold has a wheel that you spin once a day to win sats or prices.


There are a lot of giveaways in the crypto space. You can usually participate in these giveaways and lotteries for free. To find active giveaways, become active on social media. Sign up for Twitter and upload a cover picture and profile pic. Lotteries sometimes weed out bot accounts by requiring entrants have a cover and profile picture. Follow crypto Twitter accounts to find giveaways. You may have to complete tasks on a gleam page. You will also find giveaways on Discord. Be watchful of scams. You never have to give anything to participate in a giveaway or share your seed phrase.


Faucets were created to send minute amounts of crypto to assist people who don’t have enough crypto for gas fees. If you live in a third-world region, a faucet could provide a worthwhile sum. I use faucets when I'm short on gas fees. Here is a Reddit post that lists a few faucets.

In conclusion, these resources will add to your crypto holdings for free. You have nothing to lose by using these methods and can only gain crypto. So go ahead and make the smart move. Win and Win...

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