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8 Ways to be successful as a contractor for Appen.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Appen is a publicly-traded data company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Appen hires contractors and has many different projects.

Some people compare working at Appen to slave labor. There are things that I do not like about it, but overall, I like working for Appen. Appen pays minimum wage for my locale. I can participate in projects and work remotely at a time of my choosing.

The disadvantages for me are that the training is unpaid and sometimes there are no active projects.

Overall, I find Appen is suitable as a secondary income source. Furthermore, the work is relatively easy. I will share tips on how to make money as a contractor on Appen.

Tip 1 – Sign up

Take the first step and sign up to the Appen platform. You have nothing to lose. There are no fees. Onboarding may take a bit of time depending on Appen’s need for contractors in your locale. Here is a referral link to Join Appen.

Tip 2 – Apply for Projects

Check the All Projects page by clicking on the subcategory and apply to available projects. You can check the expected hourly wage and other requirements. You will receive an email if your profile meets the criteria to participate in the project.

Tip 3 – ACE tests

Candidates usually must pass tests to participate in projects. There are guidelines and other material that provide information about the projects. Read and study the guidelines prior to the test. The tests that I have taken on Appen are open book.

When taking tests, check the guidelines for answers. I find that Control + F is a great tool to find keywords and answers on guidelines.

To successfully pass tests, make sure to find answers to questions on the guidelines. Don’t think out of the box or try to be creative. Appen expects contractors to follow guidelines.

Tip 4- Quality requirements

Most projects have quality requirements that a contractor needs to meet to continue working on the project. Ensure that you stay within the acceptable quality benchmark to not be removed from a project. You won’t be removed from the Appen platform for not meeting quality requirements but only the project.

Tip 5- Follow the rules

There are certain rules that need to be followed such as NDAs etc. Carefully read and follow those rules to not be blacklisted and removed from the platform.

Tip 6- Work Smart

Some projects on Appen pay based on task completion. If you work slowly, your hourly pay rate will decrease accordingly. Projects such as these will usually state the expected task completion per hour. Try to meet those criteria to make the work worth your time. If you continue to not meet the set standard, you should consider if the work is worth your time.

Tip 7- Chat with contractors

In the social tab, you will see the chat icon. There are chat rooms for each project that you are a part of. If you have any questions or are struggling with certain aspects of a project, you will find answers and help here. You cannot seek help with testing for projects in these chat rooms. Appen support varies based on the project. Some projects have good support others can have bad support.

Tip 8 – Use Tools to clock in

Some projects require you to keep track of your worked hours. Use the Task Timer on the Chrome Webstore to track hours worked and the Dollartimes website to add up hours. Make sure to check your invoice is correct and submit it on time.

You must make smart decisions as an independent contractor. Your time is valuable. You are your own boss. If you find a project is not worth your time, don’t do it. If you don’t like unpaid tests, don’t do them. Ultimately, your decision should be based on your current needs, living situation, and life.

In conclusion, Appen can be a great way to make additional income. I find some projects to be fun and financially rewarding. The work is easy and not demanding. I work remotely at any time I choose. Appen has always paid me what I was owed. My dislikes are the fact that I would prefer to have paid training, more projects and higher wages.

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