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Companies hiring freelancers (no qualifications required)

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Working remotely has many positives and certain people prefer remote work. Most remote jobs require qualified professionals and are related to software. If you do not know how to code, do not worry. There are options that require no qualifications or experience. A lack of qualifications brings with it lower pay. Here are a few companies that are currently hiring freelancers.


Appen is a publicly-traded data company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Appen has many different projects each servicing different fields. You’ll see projects related to evaluating queries, transcription, linguistic services, data analysis, and labelling. You’ll have to pass a test to qualify for these projects. The pay varies according to locale. Most of the projects pay per task. In my locale, the pay for most projects is slightly more than minimum wage. You can find more information here in my previous post on Appen. I find that Appen has the most projects and the best pay for this type of work.


OneForma is similar to Appen and offers freelancers work-from-home opportunities. You can sign up to their platform and check for available projects. They have projects related to judging and grading, translation, transcription, testing, data collection and labeling. You’ll have to go through a certification process and pass a test before you can join projects. I find the pay on Oneforma is lower than on Appen and there aren’t as many active projects in comparison to Appen. You can join and check for available opportunities in your locale.

Telus International

Telus International is currently hiring search engine evaluators all over the world. Search engine evaluator analyzes queries. A query is a search phrase or word that a user has inputted into a search bar. You’ll have to first understand the user’s intentions and then will be asked certain questions about it and links related to it. You’ll have to pass a test to qualify for the project. Pay varies with locale. In my locale, the pay is at about minimum wage. There are other jobs such as Map analyst on Telus so check openings and apply.


Welocalize is currently hiring map analysts. Map analysts analyze queries, results, and pins related to a mapping app. To become a map analyst, you'll have to pass a difficult qualification test. You’ll have to study the guidelines since there is a lot of information that you must know. The hardest part is picking the right rating for relevance. Some results can be unclear as to which relevance score would be the best. I would recommend reading the guidelines and spending as much time as you can taking the test since it is open book. The pay per hour is higher than the minimum wage for my locale. The pay is based on task completion and the pay per hour estimate is based on task completion per hour.


Clickworker has task-based projects on its platform. You can create an account and find tasks. You’ll mainly find Universal Human Relevance System or UHRS tasks. These involve labeling, rating, and varying other micro tasks. The pay on clickworker is low and you’ll have to work fast and maintain quality scores.

Notable Mentions

Prolific is a great option to find surveys and research opportunities. I run it in the background when I'm doing other jobs and am notified when surveys become available.

AmazonmTurk has micro-jobs that freelancers can complete. The pay is low and they are currently only adding workers in some locales.

Usertesting, Utest, Userinterviews, and Userbrain are great options for testing websites and apps.

Follow r/forhire, r/beermoneyglobal, r/beermoney, r/WorkOnline, r/RemoteJobs, r/Jobs4Bitcoins and r/sidehustle to discover new opportunities and for advice.

I would suggest not relying on these jobs as your main source of income, but as an extra source of income since the available work can be infrequent and the pay isn’t great. If you are able to, it is better to upgrade yourself and get higher-paying jobs. Most of these jobs have quality requirements that need to be maintained and there are regular checks to ensure they are.

In conclusion, these jobs are easy and are a great way to make extra money. it isn't very stressful and can be done whenever you choose.

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