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9 Tips to Optimize Delivery Jobs

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Gas prices are shooting up. Is it still worth it to do gig jobs? That is ultimately your decision since you are an independent contractor. The gas prices, your vehicle type, and insurance costs should be taken into consideration. Companies want to maximize their profits and don't care about gig workers. I'll share a few tips to optimize your earnings.

Tip 1 - Buy a small, cheap car that is good for gas mileage

Using a gas guzzler is definitely not worth it when gas prices are high, Wear and tear on your vehicle should also be taken into consideration. I would suggest looking for a cheap, reliable second-hand car on classified sites. Toyotas and Hondas are considered reliable options. Recruit a friend who is knowledgeable about cars to help you and have a certified mechanic inspect the car before buying the car. It doesn't matter if you run that cheap car to its last breath as long as you get your return on investment.

Tip 2 - Get an electric bicycle or scooter

Check your local ordinances prior to purchasing an electric bicycle or scooter. If you live in a place where it's cold the majority of the year, it may not be worth it. If you cannot afford a new one, look for a second-hand option on classified sites. Set alerts to be notified when a cheap bicycle has been listed. You can add a basket or carrier to make it easy to carry food bags.

Tip 3 - Pick orders carefully and Use Multiple Apps at the same time

Choose orders carefully. Do not take on low-paying orders that are not worth your time. You are not using your vehicle and your time for free. Keep multiple apps running while working and choose the best orders. I would not suggest taking multiple orders at the same since this can lead to blacklisting.

Tip 4- Work during peak hours and in busy areas

Work during peak hours to get the most orders. Companies will also provide bonuses for working during these times. Check the app to look for peak hours. Try to work where there are a lot of people such as in central areas of cities. This will lower the driving time between orders and you'll get the best orders.

Tip 6 - Check job ads for Delivery Jobs

Check local job ads to find companies that hire for gig work or part-time/full-time employment. Sometimes you'll see smaller companies offering better wages for delivery jobs.

Tip 7 - Share and Use Referral codes to get bonuses and Complete promotions to earn more

At certain times there will be promotions that you can take advantage of. Sign up to gig companies using referral codes and share your referral codes with others to get bonuses. Here are links to a few popular gig companies with referral codes.

Skip the Dishes-

InstaCart- (canada) Enter the following code : MMANI561F1 or US


Postmastes/Uber Eats-

Tip 8 - Shop around for good insurance quotes

Prior to buying a car, you should also find out how much it will cost to insure it. Newer cars will cost less to insure. Shop around for the best quotes. You should inform your insurance company that you are doing gig work. If a family member is part of an association, such as the Professional Engineer Association, you can sign up via their insurance policy and get cheaper rates. Of course, you have to get their permission.

Tip 9 - Drive at the speed limit and Use cruise control

The more a car accelerates, the more gas the car uses. Try to keep the RPM below 2 1/2 RPMx1000. Drive at the speed limit and don't overspeed. This will reduce gas usage and you won't get a speeding ticket. Use cruise control on highways and when you can. Cruise control automatically maintains the speed and will use the most efficient way to do so. A driver would most likely have to accelerate and brake more than in comparison to cruise.

In conclusion, you are your own boss so you must decide for yourself if delivery jobs are worth it. Keep track of wages gas expenses, and mileage not only for tax purposes but to calculate how much you are making hourly. Stay positive and do a good job. A positive attitude will positively impact your life. You are worth it!

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