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Tips to improve your writing skills

English has become the global language. We are sometimes judged by our writing skills. Poor grammar and misplaced words are not overlooked. Furthermore, bad written communication can lead to mishaps and miscommunication. I will share a few ways that you can sharpen your writing skills.


Grammarly can transform your writing with no effort at all. It shows errors and provides corrections. There is a free version and a premium version. Grammarly has saved me many times from embarrassing mistakes. Many times we miss small errors when we read through our own writings. It is not perfect. It does not catch all errors, but it catches certain grammatical and all spelling errors. It also provides recommendations to improve the flow of your writing.


Reading books can be a way to naturally build your vocabulary, and improve your grammar and sentence flow. This is an effortless and fun way to improve your writing skills. The sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary will leave an impression on your brain as you delve into the fiction or non-fiction book. Find books that interest you on Amazon and dive in. Let your imagination run wild.


If you struggle with basic grammatical concepts, take courses or watch videos. You’ll find playlists on Youtube that will guide you through different concepts. You can take courses on Coursera or MIT opencourseware. You can also connect with tutors on Preply. Once you grasp the concepts and spend time consciously applying them, they’ll come effortlessly.


Send a letter to your friend or family member. Write a story or even a novel. Enjoy the process. Find someonee to edit your writing so that you can learn about and correct your errors. Writing is the best way to practice and improve your writing skills. You may find that you enjoy writing. It can be freeing to let words flow.

Basic Structure and Etiquette

Most forms of communication follow a certain format. For example, letters start with a "Hello", then an introduction, body, concluding statement, closes with a Thank you or Regards and signs off with a name. Don’t forget to double-check the email address and add relevant information in the subject bar. Learn about the correct structure and follow writing etiquette.

Watching a movie does not stimulate you in the same way that reading a book will. Learning new skills is always beneficial and exercising your brain keeps it active. Your clients and co-workers could be impressed by your improved writing. In conclusion, improving your writing skills will positively impact your work life and mental ability.

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